NRA – National Rifle Association Official Training Programs

Learn To Shoot Safely And Correctly.

Since 1871, one of NRA’s major objectives has been to provide basic training in the safe and proper use of firearms.

What will you learn in an NRA basic course?

Using the NRA training method of Total Participant Involvement, basic courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

Safe firearm handling, firearm parts and operation, ammunition and its function, shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range, how to select, clean and store a firearm, review of various activities available to help participants develop and improve their shooting skills.

Attractive certificates are awarded to participants who successfully complete each basic course.

The Basic Pistol Course or the Defense in the Home Course runs about 6-8 hours and costs between $60-$100* per person (group discounts available). Check our calendar to see if a class is currently scheduled. If not, contact us and we’ll set one up for you. The Defense OUTSIDE the Home Course is also available but takes a bit more time so contact us for details.

*Some courses may require additional range fees, depending on location.